biomed 01

The BioMed brand is well-known and well established. It is a company which exudes stability and reassurance in the medical diagnostic field, providing quality services for its customers.

PrintTherefore, instead of a complete overhaul of the branding design, it is beneficial to retain the key elements of the existing brand identity.

logo comparison


The test tubetest-gif-2Test tubes were the cornerstone of the original BioMed identity. By simplifying this iconic symbol of Biology, a connection to the successful BioMed tradition is upheld. Melding the test tube with the B of the logo adds to economy of design, and at the same time encapsulates the essence of the company.serif rimThe original logo successfully utilised a serif typeface. By creating a specially-designed rounded serif, a softer more comforting aesthetic to the overall design is achieved. At the same time, the rounded serif reflects the lip of the test tube.


A versatile B

3 Bs

The logic behind emphasising the B is so it can be read as a B for BioMed, or a Beta for Bioiatriki, or Biokliniki, which provides flexibility, and introduces a compact version of the main logo.



Colourbio coloursThe dark blue of the original BioMed identity signifies trust and authority and should remain. The addition of a silver grey streak injects a modern touch.


Continuing the circle

PrintThe original branding of BioMed uses strong circles. This can be transferred effortlessly to the new logo as a base for the ‘B’ icon of the logo. The circle is complimented by the rounded serif of the typeface, giving an overall impression of a soft rounded design, which is not only comforting to the eye, but also puts patients at ease.